Information and Reservations

Day Visit: To visit Iguaque Lagoon and exit the same day, you must make reservations 24 hours prior to your visit through the following emails:

You can also cancel the entrance fee at User Services of Parques Nacionales Naturales in Bogota (address below). Authorized entrance capacity is limited per day and reservations will only be valid until 9am on the day of the visit.

Entrance Hours:
Entrance hours are strictly observed.
Iguaque Lagoon Trail (day visit): only between 8am – 10am at the Carrizal Administrative Center.
For accommodation and camping: Monday – Sunday, 8am – 5pm.

Accommodation and Camping
Naturar – Iguaque Community Company
Contact: William Gómez
Tel: (57) 312 585 9892 / 301 568 5967 / 318 5955643

User Services at Parques Nacionales Naturales
Calle 74 No. 11 – 81, 1st floor, Bogotá
PBX (57 1) 353 2400 Ext. 3011, 3012