Entrance Fees

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Visitor: Refers to a person authorized by Parques Nacionales Naturales to enter one of the areas of the System of National Natural Parks, for visiting reasons or to carry out activities regulated by the administrator of the System for a defined period of time.

Peak Season: occurs during the periods from 15 June to 15 July, from 15 December to 15 January, holy week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday and the long weekends (corresponding to Law 51 of 1983 or the “Emiliani Law”), from Friday to Monday included.

Off-Season: All dates outside peak season.

The following are exempted from paying the entrance fee to the protected areas managed by Parques Nacionales Naturales:

  1. Children under five (5) years old, Colombian adult citizens over sixty-five (65) years old, upon proof of age with proper identification card.
  2. The staff of Parques Nacionales Naturales, their spouses or permanent partners and relatives up to second degree of consanguinity, first of kinship by election and first degree of civil relationship, once a year when visiting a protected area for recreation as long as he/she has written authorization form the General Directorate.
  3. A civil servant or contractor of Parques Nacionales Naturales in exercise of his/her functions.
  4. Students or teachers of public or private institutions created to serve levels 1 and 2 of the Colombian social stratification system.
  5. The native inhabitants of population centers of less than 10,000 inhabitants located in zones adjacent to the areas of the System of National Natural Parks.
  6. Volunteer park rangers and researchers in the exercise of their functions in projects in the areas of the System of National Natural Parks.
  7. Disabled Colombian and foreign citizens if the protected areas has appropriate access.
  8. Indigenous community members living inside the protected areas or in zones adjacent to the areas of the System of National Natural Parks for ritual or worshiping activities.
  9. Representatives of public or private, national or international organizations who donate in cash or kind to Parques Nacionales Naturales, to contribute to its function of safeguarding and protecting the areas of the System of National Natural Parks, and who visit with the objective of verifying the destination of the donated resources as long as they have written authorization from the General Directorate.
  10. Public servants and contractors in official missions.
  11. Foreign public servants in official missions.
  12. Owners of private land inside the protected area their spouses and relatives up to fourth grade in consanguinity and third of kinship by election.
  13. The inhabitants of the region who must enter the Park in transit.
  14. Staff of the Armed Forces and company, cooperative and private or public association workers that have facilities inside the protected areas who must enter in exercise of their functions.
  15. Honorary park rangers for one year from the date of the designation.
  16. National or foreign diving instructors as long as they are part of the ship’s crew. For this purpose, the diving operators must send Parques Nacionales Naturales a list identifying each of the instructors on the ship and their identification number for certification purposes.

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