Ecotourism Activities

  • The Chingaza Natural National Park offers perfect activities for its visitors to rebuild links with nature and learn about conservation, ecosystemic services and biodiversity through the following activities:

The following internal hiking trails are recommended: Lagunas de Siecha trail; Lagunas de Buitrago trail; Laguna Seca y Verde trail; Suasie trail; La Arboleda trail; Las Plantas del Camino trail. The park has three observer spots: near to La Arboleda, which allows for a panoramic view of the mountain range, La Ye, which offers an unrivalled view of the Chingaza lagoon, and the Mirador de los Condores.

Wild fauna and flora watching:

The NNP Chingaza is a perfect place for those interested in fauna and flora, where endemic species, as mentioned hereafter under Fauna and Flora, can be sighted.

Environmental education and research:

The exuberant beauty of the protected area and its preservation status make it an ideal location for scientific research. Additionally, as in all parks open to ecotourism, there are environmental education activities underway in the Park. A permit is required to undertake scientific research activities.

Photography and video:

o The scenic beauty of the Chingaza park make it the perfect place for this activity, though you must specify whether the images will be intended for commercial or advertising purposes, in which case a special permit from the National Parks System is necessary. Pursuant to Resolution 396 of 2015, no drones taking photographs or videos for private use, or for recreational use, are allowed in the protected areas.