Entrance Fees

  • Visitor: Person authorized by National Parks to enter one of the areas part of the National Natural Parks System, whether only to visit, or to undertake any of the activities or services regulated by the System administrator within a given timeframe. (Check the fees here)
  • High season: High season is declared for the following dates: between 15 June and 15 July; 15 December and 15 January; the Holy Week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday; long weekends pursuant to Act 51 of 1983 (from Friday to Monday.)
  • Low season: all dates other that high season.
  • The following individuals are exempted from entrance fees to areas protected by the Natural National Park System:
    • Children under 5 years of age, and Colombian nationals over 65 years of age (must show ID.)
    • Staff working at the Natural National Park System, their spouses or permanent companions, and their relatives twice removed, or thrice removed and their spouses, once every calendar year for recreation purposes. The visitor must have a written authorization issued by the General Management.
    • Public servants and contractors for Colombia Natural National Parks while working for the organization.
    • Students and teachers from public institutions working with strata 1 and 2.
    • Residents from urban centers with under 10000 inhabitants located in the zones adjacent to the Natural National Park System areas, as well as the Guapi natives in the case of NNP Gorgona, and Providencia natives for access to the NNP Old Providence and McBean Lagoon (must show ID.)
    • Volunteer park rangers, and researchers working on projects inside the Natural National Park System areas.
    • Disabled Colombian nationals or foreigners, provided the conditions are suitable for access.
    • Members of indigenous communities residing inside the protected areas, or in the vicinity.
    • Representatives from private and public institutions donating money or goods to Natural National Parks to aid in their mandate to protect the areas of the Natural National Park System, in order to verify the use of donated resources, provided they have the written authorization by the General Management.
    • Public servants and contractors on official business.
    • Foreign public servants on official business.
    • Owners of land extensions located inside the protected area, their spouses and relatives four times removed and their spouses.
    • Inhabitants of the region who need to pass by the park.
    • Armed Forces personnel, and staff of public or private companies or associations with facilities located inside the protected areas on official business.
    • Honorary park rangers for one year following their appointment.
    • National or foreign dive instructors provided they are with the crew of the vessel. To this effect, dive operators will submit a list of the dive instructors in their crew, specifying their identification numbers for verification purposes.
  • For more information: parquesnacionales.gov.co
  • ecoturismo@parquesnacionales.gov.co

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