• 99% of the park area is located on the basin of the Orinoco river, the high basins of the Blanco and Negro rivers, the Guatiquia, Guacavia, Gazaunta, Gazamumo, Humea y Guavio, with the 1% on the Magdalena river basin, represented by the San Lorenzo stream at the La Calera township, flowing into the Teusaca river and the heads of the Siecha river in the Guasca township which reach into the Bogota, Siecha and Tomine rivers, from the Magdalena river basin.

The Chingaza Massif contains about 40 natural lagoons of glacial origin, the largest of which is the Chingaza lagoon, found to the northwest of the park at 3250 meters above sea level. This is one of the most representative and meaningful lagoons in the area, along the Siecha lagoons, which is a system of three lagoons in the Guasca township.

The Chuza dam, also found within the Chingaza Park limits on the basin of the Chuza river as a tributary of the Guatiquia river, is the heart of the Bogota Aqueduct Company. Chingaza provides Bogota with 80% high quality drinking water.