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General Description

Few places contain such beauty and mystery as the Utría Inlet located on the Colombian north Pacific coast, in Chocó department. To the south, the visitor can see a series of mountainous foothills covered with exuberant tropical forest that cut through the sea half-disguised by the fog. Its warm and calm waters are ideal for the arrival of migratory species such as marine turtles, birds and whales and it is an ideal site for spawning of fish such as the Pacific needlefish (Tylosurus acus pacificus). The Inlet is a changing landscape that grows or decreases according to the tide, while the winding estuaries in the mangrove swamps reach dramatic mutations with the changes; during low tide, terrestrial creatures move between the roots of the mangroves, but when the tide rises, these disappear and yield to the subaquatic fauna that arrives with the seawater.

Special Recommendations

  • You must carry identity documents and valid health insurance card with you at all times.
  • For your safety, it is important that staff, environmental interpreters and guides are authorized to carry out such activities; you can ask them to identify themselves with appropriate identification cards.
  • Alcoholic beverages and firearms are prohibited.
  • Fishing inside the protected area is forbidden for tourists.
  • Pets or domestic animals are not allowed in the protected areas.
  • Producing noise or using any kind of instrument or sound equipment that disturbs the environment and the visitors is prohibited.
  • The use of aerosols and contaminating products such as non-biodegradable shampoo and soap is prohibited.
  • Campfires are prohibited.
  • Please observe suggestions and instructions from the protected area staff and from the personnel in charge of ecotourism services. Similarly, please observe the established signpost instructions.
  • You must get tetanus and yellow fever vaccines, ten days prior to your trip.

Solid waste management: You can collaborate with conservation efforts with the appropriate management of your solid waste. Try to generate a minimum of solid waste during your visit and when you leave the part take the solid waste you have generated with you. More information on solid waste management here.

Here you can also download a guide of good practices for your visit to Utría NNP.

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