Strengthening Ecotourism strategy

Ecotourism is a strategy that improves and maintains the natural and cultural values. It shares its responsibility with those who participate from its development, facilitate a particular experience for the visitors and encourage alternatives that benefit local communities and regions, economically and environmentally, from the opportunities that the Protected Areas represent in the country.

It ss a strategy that seeks to establish alliances with community organizations for the provision of services and ecotouristic activities in Parques Nacionales, so that they contribute to the strengthening and incentive the administrative, operative, technical and financial capacities of the service provider’s communities, improving the quality of life of the local communities (income growth), decreasing the pressure on natural resources (productive alternatives) and, contributing to the maintenance and acknowledgment of the environmental services.

It is a strategy that aims to consolidate Parques Nacionales Naturales as spaces that promotes a healthy life styles and the wellbeing of the children, young people and adults who visit the parks, contributing to the improvement of the health of the visitors.


Activities of the Program Salud Naturalmente in 2016:

-Asics Climb to Chingaza

-Ultra Trail PNN Nevados

-K42 Colombia, Farallones

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