Contributions, Activities and Benefits


  • Voluntary work, time and talent
  • Multiple experiences, knowledge and good conservation skills

The volunteers must cover the following costs:

  • Transportation from city of residence to the Protected Area and back
  • All meals and food

The Park contributes:

  • Accommodation
  • The warmth of a work team willing to share their mission of conservation of the natural and cultural heritage represented by the protected areas of the Nation.
  • The biodiversity, landscapes and culture of the protected areas in the System of National Natural Parks of Colombia.


  • Visitor assistance, guidance and environmental education and interpretation.
  • Maintenance of biological collections.
  • Recording of climatological data in meteorological stations.
  • Monitoring of water resources.
  • Maintenance and adaptation of physical infrastructure including interpretative trails.
  • Environmental control services.
  • Workshops with communities.
  • Construction and maintenance of plant nurseries.
  • Operational, administrative and service tasks.
  • Operation of radio communications.
  • Development and maintenance of teaching materials.
  • Development of brochures, posters, booklets and audiovisual aids for community work.
  • Monitoring of species of fauna and flora.


  • Certification of volunteer work experience.
  • A life experience that guarantees intellectual, physical and spiritual growth.
  • Personal satisfaction to build self-esteem and motivation.
  • Contact and communication with diverse actors that help construct better relationships and teamwork skills.
  • A learning opportunity for understanding the environmental issues of the country.
  • An opportunity to experience different activities related to the Natural Parks such as conferences, workshops, seminars, panel discussions and contests.