Required Forms for the Volunteer Park Ranger Program

The following forms must be filled out during the different phases of the Volunteer Park Ranger Program:

Work Plan: This form must be filled out from the start in order to outline the activities that the volunteer plans to carry out during the Program.

Performance Monitoring: This form is used to monitor and evaluate the achievement of goals outlined in the Work Plan. Depending on the duration of stay in the Protected Area, the experience of the volunteer will be examined and corrective measures taken, if necessary, in weekly, biweekly or monthly follow-ups.

Post Program Evaluation: The Volunteer Park Ranger’s performance is evaluated at the end of the experience following criteria such as autonomy, creativity, accomplishments, discipline, responsibility, adaptability and commitment.

Final Report: The final report documents the experience of the Volunteer during his/her stay in the Protected Area or administrative unit. We encourage volunteers to hand in images in JPEG format to contribute to the Institution’s image bank.