Volunteer Park Ranger Categories

By Call for Volunteers: Volunteer Park Rangers with technical or professional experience belonging to the general public (Colombians or foreigners) who enter the program through a call for volunteers.

From the Local Community: Volunteer Park Ranger belonging to the community that resides in the zone of influence adjacent to an area protected by the System of National Natural Parks. The volunteer can be admitted to the program, at any moment of the year, by initiative of the protected area staff and after the respective park director’s approval.

Institutional: Volunteer Park Rangers who join the administrative staff in any of the three management levels and who contribute to administrative work such as archive organization, database management and visitor registry, to name a few. It also includes Volunteer Park Rangers that are professionals or higher education students that support important environmental management programs for the protected area. The volunteer can be admitted to the program, at any moment of the year, after the approval of the park director or the administrative unit director.

Honorary: National Natural Parks of Colombia, through its Directorate General, creates this category as recognition to those people noted for their exemplary interest and work in the protection and conservation of the environment and for developing concrete actions towards the consolidation of the System of National Natural Parks. They can participate in publications, presentations and research or as consultants in specific topics and they can be nominated at any moment of the year.