Galeras Flora and Fauna Sanctuary









General Description

Galeras Flora and Fauna Sanctuary is an icon of the Nariño department. The Galeras volcano, its main attraction, is one of the most active in the continent. Some of its calderas constantly expel gases, while other extinct ones testify to its past activity. Part of the Sanctuary is located in an area of high volcanic threat, as it is part of a volcanic complex. Its wealth is reflected in the great variety of species of flora and fauna found in the páramo, high Andean forests and Andean forests in the protected area. It also has lagoons and different sources of water that feed the local aqueducts.

Special Recommendations

  • Only Telpis Sector is open to ecotourism since a great part of the Sanctuary is located in an area of high volcanic threat.
  • We recommend you use an environmental interpreter or guide service in the Telpis Sector trail.

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