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General Description

Isla de La Corota Fauna and Flora Sanctuary, which from afar looks like the shell of a turtle about to emerge from the water, is located in the north end of the Guamués Lake or Laguna de La Cocha, which was declared an internationally important wetland by the Ramsar Convention. The oval-shaped island is surrounded by a strip of totora or large Andean reeds and, although it is the smallest protected area in the country, it is part of the important and complex environmental system of the Laguna de La Cocha. Moreover, the site is a source of energy recognized by indigenous communities and traditional doctors from Putumayo. Similarly, it has a chapel that is an important pilgrimage site for Catholics especially during the festivities of the Virgin of Lourdes.

Special Recommendations

  • We recommend you use appropriate clothing such as warm clothes, gloves, scarf and comfortable closed shoes such as sneakers or hiking boots (no high heels) for El Quiche trail.
  • You must receive the introductory talk that the Park officers will give you before doing the trails.
  • Avoid eating or drinking during the hike.
  • The use of electronic devices that make noise and disturb the tranquility of the place is prohibited.
  • Avoid gathering around the chapel of the Virgin of Lourdes and staying inside too long since it has structural flaws that represent a risk in case of a seismic event.
  • As the Totora trail around the island also serves as a landing pier for visitors, special attention must be given to children during the walk since it only has handrails on the inside of the trail.
  • Please be careful with personal objects (bags, clothing, cell pones, cameras etc.); the administration is not responsible for personal objects lost in the protected area.
  • Please walk only on the delineated footpaths; if you wonder into the forest you will create negative effects that go against the conservation goals of the Park.
  • Pets or domestic animals (dogs, cats, etc.) are prohibited inside the Park since their natural behavior negatively affects the fauna of the forest; we recommend you look for alternatives to including them in your visit.

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