South – South Cooperation

Official Bilateral Border Relations

Colombia limits continentally with five (5) countries, Venezuela and Brazil on the east, Ecuador and Peru on the south and Panama on the northwest. Additionally, the Colombian State officially recognizes as bordering countries those with which it has maritime and submarine delimitation treaties such as Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras and Jamaica on the Caribbean Sea and Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica on the Pacific Ocean.

National Natural Parks participated in various sessions of Vicinity Commissions, in first semester 2014, in order to position the interests of the Entity, regarding protected areas, in official bilateral relations that the Colombian State maintains with neighboring countries, especially in the fora officially designated for such purposes between the different Ministries of Foreign Relations which are predominantly called Vicinity and Border Integration Commissions. Nevertheless, there are other bilateral fora where participation can occur according to the interests and needs of the Ministry of Foreign Relations and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development such as the Mechanism for Political Consultations.

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