Vicinity Commissions

These fora are presided by the Ministries of Foreign Relations and consisting of the unified commissions of each country. For this case, they occur with the neighboring countries of Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

In the case of Colombia, the national commission consists of high-ranking representatives of the public and private sectors, as well as representatives related to the border areas. It is important to highlight that each one of the participating institutions and organizations is in charge of presenting initiatives and the monitoring of commitments made by the parties. It is worth noting that the projects proposed in the agenda must meet requirements of technical viability, political endorsement at the highest level and guaranteed budget support.

During 2014, Official Regional Relations were created with mechanisms provided by the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ATCO) by means of the follow-up meeting with the Ministry of Foreign Relations and the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, which was convened by the Permanent Secretariat of the OTCA. Similarly, an extraordinary meeting with the Amazon Cooperation Council of the OTCA was held as well as a Meeting of Focal Points.

Likewise, an important advance in the mechanism of the Mesoamerican Strategy for Environmental Sustainability (Estrategia Mesoamericana de Sustentabilidad Ambiental, EMSA) was achieved with the participation in the Forest Fire Management Workshop where a proposed project of cooperation in regional connectivity was presented.

Moreover, two (2) projects of South – South Cooperation with Mexico were approved, one called “Coffee Growers Experience Exchange” and a second project which will involve the following topics; planning of coastal marine area management, experience exchange agenda such as National Systems of Protected Areas, marine connectivity and environmental economic assessment and ecotourism.

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