Tayrona Park will take a vacation from vacations #BreatheTayrona

With the purpose of giving a break to the Tayrona National Natural Park and allowing the restoration of the different ecosystems that inhabit this protected area, in one of the driest times of the year, from next January 28, 2019 and until the 28th of February of the same year, the Tayrona Park will close its doors to the entrance of visitors.

This rest is given thanks to the request of the four indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in order to carry out the cultural processes of cleaning, healing and environmental and spiritual protection, and is part of a concerted strategy between the communities and the entity that seeks to give  a respite to the fauna and flora of the place and thus, allow the regeneration of the natural processes of the beaches, the ecosystems and the species that inhabit the Natural National Park.

“This measurement is adequate in order to let the ecosystems rest. Additionally, it is part of the agreements we have with the four indigenous peoples of the Sierra. Also, the indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta believe that it is a favorable date to fulfill their spiritual payment activities and, with the previous closures, we have already verified that by not receiving visitors the ecosystem is greatly favored “, says Julia Miranda Londoño, Director of National Natural Parks of Colombia.

On the benefits of the offseason of this protected area, the director adds that “during the past closures the soils, streams, creeks, aquatic areas and the air are recovered; it reduces the stress on the ecosystems and contributes to nature, which, at that time of year, faces a dry season. ”

Tayrona National Natural Park is the second protected area with the most visitors in the country. During the first semester of 2018 a total of 244,365 visitors entered the area.


Through social networks and the #BreatheTayrona, citizens who have visited the Park can join this rest season of the protected area with their photos, as a tribute to the conservation of the natural and cultural wealth of the place.

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