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General Description

In Iguaque Fauna and Flora Sanctuary, the visitor can find the Sacred Lagoon of Iguaque that, according to Muisca mythology, is the cradle of humanity. Bachué, the mother of the Muisca people, emerged from this lagoon and for this reason, it is believed that a pilgrimage here cleanses the soul and purifies the spirit. There are a total of 7 lagoons of glacier origin in the Sanctuary. With altitudes between 2,400 and 3,800 MASL, the territory and its area of influence in the southern extreme contain one of the main areas of oak in the country. The Sanctuary is of vital importance as provider of ecosystem services such as source of water for human consumption for the populations of Villa de Leyva, Arcabuco and Chíquiza.

Special Recommendations

  • Use appropriate clothing for cold weather, sun protection, and water resistant hiking boots; keep in mind that weather in the páramo is unpredictable.
  • In rainy season (April-May, October-November), the terrain is slippery and difficult; you must be specially careful.
  • Due to physical demands and the altitude, the trail to the lagoon is not recommended for people with physical disabilities, heart or respiratory problems, pregnant women, children under 7 years old and senior citizens.
  • Please have identity documents and valid health card with you at all times.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages and psychoactive substances inside the protected area is prohibited.
  • Please only use the designated and signposted trails.
  • Collecting and removing flora, fauna or mineral materials is prohibited. Likewise, temporarily or permanently introducing animals, seeds or flowers of any kind is prohibited.
  • Please save all garbage in plastic bags, which you can dispose off in appropriate containers as you exit the protected area.
  • Pets are prohibited in the Sanctuary.
  • Campfires are prohibited.

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