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Volunteer supporting activities

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Volunteer Park Ranger Program

Volunteer Park Ranger Program

What is the Volunteer Park Ranger Service?

This is a space provided by National Natural Parks of Colombia in which civil society, both Colombian and foreign, can support the mission of the conservation of Protected Areas in Colombia through volunteer work. The volunteer service can be performed for a minimum of one month and up to a maximum six months.

Being a Volunteer Park Ranger is an experience of a lifetime – the training that it provides generates an awareness of the biological and cultural diversity of Colombia.

The Volunteer Park Ranger Service transcends borders, ideologies, religions, cultures, ethnic groups, and social and economic strata.

The program was created to channel the spontaneous desire of persons who wish to contribute their knowledge, skills and qualities in service to the country’s development. It targets an exercise of coexistence and solidarity leading to peace as a way of life, and an awareness of the need to conserve the nation’s representative ecosystems.

Participation in the Volunteer Park Ranger Service is an opportunity to get close to the natural and cultural wealth of Colombia and to the way in which the country manages the conservation and the valuation of its resources.

 Aspects to take into account during the development of your volunteer service.

  1. The head of the Protected Area is the person that authorizes the acceptance of the volunteer, according to the profiles submitted and how they best correspond to the needs of the area, and indicates which volunteers are authorized to provide the service. Once volunteers know who has been accepted, they should coordinate their arrival to the Protected Area.
  2. If you have not been authorized as a volunteer, you should not present yourself to the Protected Area.
  3. The volunteer must comply with the regulations of the program.
  4. The volunteer should assume all transportation expenses from the place of origin to the Protected Area, and cover food costs.
  5. Once the voluntary service has been completed, volunteers must leave the Protected Area and it is recommended that volunteers do not influence the practices of local communities around the Protected Areas.
  6. Once the service has been completed, the volunteer must turn over his or her identification card to the person in charge of the Volunteer Park Ranger program in the Protected Area.
  7. Maintain appropriate behavior during your volunteer work.
  8. If for any motive, reason or circumstance you decline your service, please inform the Protected Area directly or via email at: [email protected]

Volunteer Park Ranger Testimony. Natural Park Tayrona